This morning I have been visiting the Cristina Iglesias current exhibition, «Metonymy» in the Museo de Arte Reina Sofía.

I was eager to know the most ambitious retrospective to date of this particular artist who has given so much to talk about in written and digital papers.

Demolishing genres and disciplines, has known how to create a personality and own style within contemporary sculpture, which has earned her international recognition.

Cristina Iglesias us on a fascinating journey (exterior and interior), invites us to walk through corridors where lights suspended play with shadows, wandering around beautiful lattice Arab influences, and enter rooms that look like out plant in  the Lewis Carroll mind . But also to dive into deep wells of poetic emanating water, her latest sculptural language. She has always shown interest in unconventional materials, or at least the use of unconventional way. This is the case of soft iron in her hands, resembles esparto.

This is his most ambitious exhibition and a great opportunity. She loves this space: «The Queen Sofia looks like a big monster, rigid but malleable. We moved walls, windows open … ‘Understand and sculpture: «Create fictions, arousing the viewer senses, generating experiences. I do not give messages, I think places. Art is important in our education, because it makes us think, teaches us to look. »

Her works are, like those of her late husband Juan Muñoz, baroque and theatrical, but also sensual and fragile, monumental and, at the same time intimate. Cristina Iglesias traditional sculpture sheds its skeleton and leaves skin pure, pure membrane. What catches the attention (on display for the first time in Spain) are her work with water, especially their wells, whose exterior is black granite. There is a constant flow of water in them. These works are hypnotic.

Two videos near the visitor to her public sculptures: some as famous as the gates of the Prado or ‘deep source «in Antwerp, at the entrance of the Museum of Fine Arts. In 2009 fourteen lattices immersed in the Sea of Cortez, Baja California (Mexico)-is exhibited an aquarium that recreates those rooms, and last year installed a maze Inhotim, Bernardo Paz’s paradise in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), and we can see the model.

The exhibition is raised in an exceptional way, nothing is left to chance. It is a pleasure almost mystical unfathomable immersed in these spaces, full of poetry, where you can let your imagination run free.
I recommend you visit it, surely I will repeat, still have much to communicate these doors, these magical spaces. you can feel embedded in the nature of a suggestive way. An absolute delight for the senses.

Awesome work Cristina!